20kg - Bamfords Fruity Songster

20kg - Bamfords Fruity Songster

Brand: Bamfords Top Flight
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20kg Bamfords Fruity Songster

This mixture caters specifically for softbill birds like the robin, sparrow, finch  and thrush, species which have difficulty in de-husking the hard seeds found in most traditional wild bird foods. Fruity songster provides them with plenty of easy to eat, high energy foods such as flaked naked oats, cereal flakes, sunflower hearts, and peanut granules, as well as plump, juicy raisins which softbills just love. These are blended with an ingredient unique to the Bamford Top Flight Range, namely Orlux softbill patee' a highly nutritious food with insects, rich in fats and bound in honey, with extra vitamins, minerals and trace elements to keep birds in super condition. The valuable health aid, Pro-tec, is also included. Fruity Songster is safe to feed all the year round, preferably form the ground, but can also be fed from the table.


Sunflower hearts, Peanut granules, Raisins, Pinhead oatmeal, Flaked cereals, Orlux softbill food, Flaked maize




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