20kg - Bamfords Summer/Winter Picnic -Table Seed

20kg - Bamfords Summer/Winter Picnic -Table Seed

Brand: Bamfords Top Flight
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20kg Bamfords Summer/Winter Picnic - Table Seed

A super wild bird food with over 20 different ingredients to attract many species of bird into the garden. This provides a great variety for our native birds, be they seed eaters or soft-bills, and there also exotic tonic seeds to tempt the rare passing migrant. The inclusion of a high protein pellet and vitamin supplement helps keep the birds in peak condition over winter, and prepare them for the rigors of the breeding season ahead. During the spring and summer months we add a fine bird grit to boost the calcium levels, which contribute to better quality egg shells.


Wheat, Peanut granules, Millet, Black sunflower, Flaked cereals, Pinhead Oatmeal, High protein pellets, Hemp, Wheat meal Biscuit, Canary seed, Niger




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