6 x 6ft Galvanized Steel Studded T-Post Metal Fence Post Stake

6 x 6ft Galvanized Steel Studded T-Post Metal Fence Post Stake

Brand: Keith Singleton
Product Code: 6ft T-Post
Availability: 8
Ex Tax: £36.24
Dimension / Weight 
 Length: 6ft Approx (each)
Weight: 3.9kg Approx (each)

Build a durable, quality fence in no time with these studded T Post. Rugged and easy to drive into any terrain, these T Posts are suitable for agricultural,industrial, garden fencing and all other types of fencing arpond the yard, jobsite.


Durable enough to last for generations, these galvanised Steel Studded T Posts can be driven into almost any type of terrain on the farm, garden, job site, or around the yard. They can be easily installed with a post driver in terrain where it would be near to impossible to dig a hole for a wooden post. They are made of rail steel, giving them the same combination of strength and resiliency as the support rails for train tracks. Each t-post is constructed with evenly distributed studs to clip tie the fence in place, used to support various types of fencing. Posts should be driven approx 15" into the ground. We do not recommend using these posts with chain link fencing.
  • Studded T-Post
  • Length: 6 feet
  • Anchor plate secured with three pressed studs
  • Finish: Hot dipped galvanised
  • Even stud distribution
  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Quantity: 6 T-Posts supplied

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