1m x 10m Turf / Grass Reinforcement Mesh (900gsm)

1m x 10m Turf / Grass Reinforcement Mesh (900gsm)

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1m Wide Turf Reinforcement Mesh.

1m Wide x 10m Length = Approximately(10sqm)



1m x 10m Grass protection mesh - approximately 10 square metres.

Weight: 900 grams per square metre.

Mesh Aperture: 18mm

Colour: Green

Manufactured  from 100% recycled HDPE plastic

UV Stabilized for longer lasting protection



This extruded plastic mesh is ideal for the protection and reinforcement of grass and turf. The turf reinforcement mesh allows the grass to grow through which intertwines with the plastic mesh creating a strong and stable reinforced grassed surface.

The weight of this mesh is approximately 460grams per square metre. This 1m x 10m (10sqm) roll weighs approximately 9kg, making it ideal for light vehicle usage.

Before laying the mesh it is recommended that the grass is cut short and the area is reasonably level and firm. If the area you are preparing to cover is prone to getting waterlogged we recommend that you aerate the lawn and use a lawn dressing to improve drainage before laying the mesh.

When laying the mesh it is important to keep the mesh taught, this can be achieved by using U pins every 400mm pulling taught as you go along.

When you start mowing the grass try not to cut it to short, this could damage the mesh but will also slow down the process of the grass intertwining with the mesh.

It is recommended that after the mesh is laid down that you give enough time for the grass roots to intertwine with the mesh, approximately one growing season. The mesh will disappear below the surface of the grass with time, providing a stable surface that will be able to withstand the weight of light vehicles.

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