Horticulture Vermiculite 1>3mm Grade - 100 Litre

Horticulture Vermiculite 1>3mm Grade - 100 Litre

Brand: Keith Singleton
Product Code: VFG100
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1 x 100 Litre bag of horticultural vermiculite (fine grade 1>3mm).


  • 1 x 100 litre bag Vermiculite (fine grade 1>3mm): exfoliated rock, used as a lightweight moisture-retentative compost additive (e.g. use in hanging baskets). Also used to cover small seeds during propagation.

Please note:

  • Exfoliated vermiculite is packed into polythene bags and contains nominally 100 litres when filled. The granules, with their open cell structure, and do degrade considerably when compressed into the packaging, and again when they are palletised and handled repeatedly by couriers etc. This will result in a turnout volume of much less than the 100 litres when the product was first packed. Also, the granules may degrade and become smaller. We cannot be held responsible for the natural degredation of this product during transit, and ask that our customers take the previous information into consideration when choosing the grade of vermiculite appropriate for their uses.

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