2m Wide Heavy Duty Shade Netting (75%) / Garden Windbreak 180gsm

2m Wide Heavy Duty Shade Netting (75%) / Garden Windbreak 180gsm

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2m Wide Shade Netting (75%) Garden Netting.

This listing is for 1 running metre of 1m Wide Shade Netting / Garden Windbreak Cut Off The Roll.

Just order how much you need. example, If you purchase 10 then we will cut 2m x 10m (20sqm)

Maxium length available 50m


A premium-grade Shade Netting / Windbreak Netting.

75% Shade. Green with eyelets UV Stabilised. Weight 180gsm

There are number of uses for this high-quality netting.

A Tough Heavy Duty Strong netting at 180gsm

This knitted netting is green coloured one you’ll see in numerous garden, agricultural installations.
It has two main benefits designed to protect your trees, plants & crops.
Reduces wind by 50% of its strength
Reduces sunlight by 75% of its strength
Ideal for use as garden privacy fencing without obstructing the view 
It’s also used round sports areas to reduce wind, such as tennis courts.
It has fixing eyelets each metre

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