4m Wide Premium Woven Weed Control Fabric

4m Wide Premium Woven Weed Control Fabric

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4m Wide Premium Woven Weed Control Fabric

Pre-Cut off the roll

A premium-grade weed suppressant fabric which has dozens of uses. Will last for years, if not a lifetime when covered with bark or decorative chippings!


  • Premium woven weed control fabric
  • Black with Green Markings.
  • Controls weed growth by excluding light, yet allowing water, air and nutrients to penetrate.
  • Being tightly wound on to the core, this high quality woven ground cover needs a few days for the fibres to relax before it becomes totally porous.
  • Weight - 100 grams per square metre.
  • UV stablised and guaranteed for five years in direct sunlight.
  • Made with a unique ripple-weave technology, providing excellent water dispersion, thus eliminating puddles.


There are dozens of uses for this high-quality membrane. Use under:

  • Mulches (bark, chippings etc)
  • Gravel
  • Driveways
  • Paths
  • Beds and Borders
  • Paving/Patios
  • Decking
  • Children's Play Areas / Sand Pits
  • Inside Glasshouses / Polytunnels

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