Superphosphate - 25 KG

Superphosphate - 25 KG

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Single Superphosphate - 25 KG

Superphosphate is one of the most important fertilisers, and probable the oldest inorganic ones.

As its name suggests, Superphosphate is very rich in phosphate, an essential plant nutrient that encourages strong and healthy root development.

Superphosphate is the ideal for all plants, especially for feeding vegetables, soft fruit and fruit trees to encourage good growth and rapid establishment of plants .


  • NPK
  • 0 - 18 - 0


Use at 20 to 35g per square metre.


This product can be offered in pallet quantities of 10 bags plus.  We also offer pallets of mixed products.  If you require a pallet price, please contact us by e-mail at with your full delivery address (including postcode) for a quote.



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