6 x 800g Doff Slug Killer Pellets

6 x 800g Doff Slug Killer Pellets

Brand: Doff
Product Code: DSLUG
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Doff Slug & Snail Killer, Blue Mini Pellets. 6 x 800g Supplied.

This is a professional quality weather-resistant product.


February to October.


Scatter around plants susceptible to slug damage, e.g. hostas, or make traps by scattering a few pellets under a piece of slate.

Why choose Slug Killer Blue Mini Pellets?

  1. Ready-to-use pellets
  2. Fast & efficient control of slugs & snails
  3. Child resistant packaging
  4. For all crops, ornamentals, outdoors and for under glass
  5. Supplied in a unique scatter shaker pack for even application of pellets.

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