15kg Greenforce Lawn Feed and Weed plus Mosskiller

15kg Greenforce Lawn Feed and Weed plus Mosskiller

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 Lawn Feed and Weed plus Mosskiller - 15KG ( Treats 750sqm )

Greenforce is an effective product that will kill a range of weeds, remove moss, fertilise and green up the grass for a stronger and healthier looking lawn. You can expect to control weeds such as daisy, plantain, dandelion and clover. The ferrous sulphate will kill the moss quickly whilst fertilising the grass at the same time.


  • 10 - 4 - 4 + dicamba & mecoprop-p + 16.2 Fe
  • MAPP N0 16369



  • Application rate: 20grams per sq meter.
  • This 20kg pack will treat 750 square metres (approx. 895 square yards).
  • Apply with a lawn spreader. Do not apply in hot, dry weather to avoid scorch.


This product can be offered in pallet quantities of 10 bags plus.  We also offer pallets of mixed products.  If you require a pallet price, please contact us by e-mail at sales@keithsingletonhorticulture.com with your full delivery address (including postcode) for a quote.

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