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VITAX Q4 -20kg

Superb General Purpose Fertiliser when sprinled on your garden plot at 60-90g per m3  Also make a better alternative than John Innes Base for Loam Based i.e. John Innes range or Soilless composts


  • NPK Fertiliser
  • 5.3-7.5-10.0+TE


  • Vitax Q4 is a fairly slow acting fertiliser used as a general purpose source of major plant nutrients as well as the majority of trace elements for healthy plant growth.
  • Use also as a base fertiliser for the John Innes range of composts instead of John Innes Base.
  • We have been using this on our own nurseries for 40 years or more.
  • Can also be used to make up peat or coir based composts.

This product can be offered in pallet quantities of 10 bags plus.  We also offer pallets of mixed products.  If you require a pallet price, please contact us by e-mail at with your full delivery address (including postcode) for a quote.

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